Thank you very very much to everyone who helped push me over the goal line – from the core campaign team to friends and supporters who promoted my candidacy, and of course everyone who voted for me.

About Brian

Brian and his wife Susan Wiggin came to Vernon in 1994 and raised their sons Graeme and Thomas here. He founded and led a successful business based in downtown Vernon (Summit Environmental Consultants), growing the company to a staff of about 35 before the company merged with Associated Engineering in 2010. 

He is a committed father and while his boys were young he coached in the NOYSA youth soccer program. While his boys were growing up, he also found time to volunteer with youth-focussed community groups including the Okanagan Science Centre and the Sovereign Lake Nordic Club. 

He and his wife introduced their children to the outdoors at an early age, and the family enjoyed many hiking, camping, canoeing, and kayaking trips.  They also exposed their children to other cultures through national and international travel, helping them learn to value and respect others, and to develop an appreciation for diversity.

He loves the Vernon area and participates in many of the outdoor activities the region is famous for – nordic and alpine skiing, running, hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, paddleboarding, and cycling. 


  • A leader with a proven track record of success in the business and non-profit sectors.
  • Founded and led a successful business based in downtown Vernon (Summit Environmental Consultants), bringing more than thirty-five young professionals and their families to the community.
  • Built environmental consulting businesses across western and northern Canada (after merging the company with Associated Engineering).
  • A Professional Geoscientist, with extensive experience in Okanagan water issues.
  • Has made extensive volunteer contributions to the community.
  • A leader in addressing the impacts of climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to make communities stronger and more livable.
  • Co-chair of the City of Vernon Climate Action Advisory Committee, which developed the City’s Climate Action Plan which was approved by Council in 2021.
  • Worked with Purppl, a Kelowna-based social purpose accelerator, to coach an Indigenous-owned environmental consulting business to help achieve long-term success.

Volunteer Experience includes:

  • Canadian Water Resources Association: BC Branch President and National Vice-President 1992-1994
  • NOYSA youth soccer coach 1996-2006
  • Okanagan Science Centre: Board of Directors 2000-2004, Board Chair 2002-2003
  • Sovereign Lake Nordic Club: Board of Directors 2004-2007
  • RDNO Solid Waste Management Committee 2005
  • Okanagan Water Stewardship Council: member 2006-present, Chair 2016-2018, Past Chair and Policy Committee Chair 2018-present
  • Okanagan Basin Water Board: Board of Directors 2016-2018
  • City of Vernon Climate Action Advisory Committee: co-chair 2018-present

Why I’m Running for Council

The City faces numerous challenging issues.  I believe that my experience and expertise in governance, leadership, financial management, strategic planning, risk assessment, and decision-making will help City council provide the leadership the community needs to effectively address these issues.  I have the time to commit to the work as I’m now retired.

I believe that my thoughtful, comprehensive, balanced, collaborative, fiscally prudent, and inclusive approach will help council reach decisions that benefits all members of the Vernon community. A focus for me will be implementing the Climate Action Plan, which was approved by Council in 2021. 

Finally, I believe that Vernon can become more resilient, economically stronger, more livable, healthier, and more diverse, and I am committed to working with Council and the community to achieve those goals.

Brian Guy

Professional Life

Brian is a leader with a proven track record of success in the business and non-profit sectors, and is well-known as a collaborative leader and decision-maker. 

In 1994, he founded and led a successful business based in downtown Vernon (Summit Environmental Consultants), bringing more than thirty-five young professionals and their families to the community. After merging with Associated Engineering in 2010, Brian grew its environmental consulting business in communities throughout western and northern Canada before retiring from full-time work in 2017.

He is a Professional Geoscientist with expertise in hydrology and water management and has led or contributed to many water-related initiatives in the Okanagan (and across western and northern Canada) over the past 28 years, both in a paid and a volunteer capacity…

Summit Environmental, the early years: Brian presents a donation from Summit to the Allan Brooks Nature Centre

Corporate Leadership & Governance Experience includes:

  • Summit Environmental Consultants Ltd.: President and Chair of the Board of Directors 1994-2010
  • Associated Environmental Consultants Inc.: Vice-President and General Manager 2010-2015, Board of Directors 2010-2017
  • Associated Engineering Group Ltd.: Senior Management Committee 2010-2015; Board of Directors 2014-2017

Professional Awards

Key Issues on My Radar


My vision is that everyone in Vernon has housing that meets their needs.  The City should continue to fill gaps in the housing supply, and help make housing affordable for all.  The City should work with higher levels of government to encourage them to continue contributing to subsidized housing in Vernon.


As co-chair of the City of Vernon Climate Action Advisory Committee since 2018, I was instrumental in developing the community’s Climate Action Plan.  Implementing the plan will reduce costs to taxpayers over the long term, and will make the city more attractive, competitive, and livable.  I will advocate for Council to provide the resources and policy direction needed to fully implement the plan.


I believe that everyone should have good access to recreation amenities and parks.  I will support projects that contribute to this vision.  If the electorate supports the Active Living Centre on October 15,  I will support and promote the project.


A strong art and cultural sector is fundamental to a healthy, vibrant, diverse community, and contributes significantly to the economy of the city.  I will support plans and initiatives that contribute to building a stronger art and cultural community, including the proposed new Cultural Centre.


Vernon must become more attractive and competitive to business, and more economically diverse. We  need to attract younger workers and their families, and work to provide appropriate and affordable housing. We also need to ensure that existing businesses are well supported by the City. 


I believe that local governments have a responsibility to engage in the process of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.  I will support and promote the ongoing process of relationship-building that is underway between the City and the Okanagan Indian Band, at both the Council and staff levels.

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We’re with Brian


Vernon residents own public infrastructure assets worth more than $1.3 billion.  In light of climate change impacts, forward-thinking and fiscally-responsible stewardship of these assets is a critical role for Council.  Having worked with Brian in professional and volunteer roles for more than 20 years, I believe that he is uniquely qualified among the Councillor candidates for leadership in this area.

Mike Nolan, P.Eng.
Consulting Engineer

Brian Guy is a community leader and advocate for the environment and for women. Having known Brian for over 10 years, I have been impressed with his volunteerism to protect water supply in the Okanagan; promote careers in STEM through the Okanagan Science Centre; and support women and families through his firm’s partnership to develop Maven Lane Child Care and Early Leaning Centre, which provides accessible and quality child care to the community. Brian is a business leader, developing an environmental consulting firm based in Vernon, which has become a leading national company, with 50% of its management positions held by women! For his leadership, community commitment, and vision, I strongly endorse Brian Guy for City of Vernon Council.

Lianna Mah, P.Eng.
Vice President, Business Development
Associated Engineering

I strongly endorse Brian Guy for Vernon Council. I witnessed his collaborative skills and extensive knowledge when we served together on the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Brian volunteered his strong science background and business skills when he co-chaired the City’s Climate Action Plan through to adoption in 2021. I am grateful that he has offered his broad skill set and dedication to serve on Vernon council for the next four years.

Juliette Cunningham
Former 3-term Councillor
City of Vernon

I have known Brian for over 20 years and have had many business dealings with him, all of which were very positive.  He has contributed to many committees and boards, he has common sense and compassion, and his extensive environmental background will benefit development-related decision-making. He would be a great asset for the community on Council.

Pete DeVries
P.J. DeVries Construction Ltd.

Brian Guy will make an excellent councillor for the City of Vernon.  As co-chairs of the Vernon Climate Action Advisory Committee, Brian and I worked closely together for several years.  Brian is skilled as an environmental consultant and business owner and is generous with his experience.  As a leader with the City of Vernon, the Okanagan Science Centre and the Okanagan Basin Water Board, Brian has made life better for all of us. Brian always brings his energy, experience, and commitment to the task at hand.  Vernon will be well served with Brian as a member of City Council.

Bill Darnell
Former co-chair
City of Vernon Climate Action Advisory Committee

I have known Brian personally for over 25 years, and he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.  Brian gets things done collaboratively and professionally. He is approachable, energetic, diplomatic, a good listener, and a strong communicator, and he has a great sense of humour.  Brian understands the importance of both research and of listening to residents, and he would be a valuable voice on Vernon City Council.

Jacquie Friesen
RE/MAX Vernon

I’ve known Brian for over 25 years as a friend and have seen him work tirelessly to make the world a better place in many ways.  He understands the importance of art and culture to a vibrant community and his support of local arts and artists makes a significant difference.

Lana Schuster
Vernon artist

I am pleased to endorse Brian Guy for Council at the City of Vernon.  His solution-focussed, financially sound leadership will ensure Vernon is a safe, prosperous, climate-resilient, low carbon community.  A vote for Brian is a vote for a thoughtful, effective, hard-working, climate-conscious Council member.

Jeremy Fyke, PhD, P.Geo.
Member, City of Vernon Climate Action Advisory Committee

I am very pleased that Brian is offering to serve Vernon on council. He built Summit Environmental Consultants into a great economic asset for our community and has shown his commitment to Vernon through many years of volunteer service. His information-driven approach and business experience will benefit our community even more if Brian is elected to council.

Rob Sawatzky
MD and past Mayor of Vernon

I had the privilege of working with Brian Guy for several years during his term as Board Chair of the Okanagan Science Centre. Brian’s positivity and ability to lead a diverse team was key to turning around an underfunded and unstable organization. He has an amazing ability as a practical visionary to map out and execute a detailed plan to success, as he has demonstrated many times.  In addition to having the education, skills and commitment, Brian conducts himself with honesty and integrity. City of Vernon residents would be very fortunate to have him as a member of council.

Sandi Dixon
Former Executive Director
Okanagan Science Centre

For over two decades working with Brian in a professional capacity, I found him to be thoughtful, focused, a good listener with a strong desire to see things well done. He has my full support and confidence.

Gary Huston
Retired President
Fraser Financial Group Ltd., Vernon

Brian is a man of action – leader, problem solver, and ethical. He has a great deal of experience with committee and Board work and is familiar with all levels of government and the Okanagan Indian Band.  In 2022 we need strong leadership in the environmental area and Brian has extensive knowledge here. He is very approachable, kind and intelligent. I am proud to say he is our guy for council.

Michele Blais
formerly with the Family Resource Centre, a Columnist, a Realtor, and a Board Member

Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity to work with Brian on the City of Vernon Climate Action Advisory Committee, which he co-chaired.  Brian's professional and scientific background provided a crucial science anchor to our work.  He has a passionate vision for our city and a 'get the job done' work ethic that has produced impressive results.

Alan Gee
Fulton Secondary School

Fawn Ross
Nicole Penner
Andrew Penner
Emily Fraser
Don Schuster
Lana Schuster
Dagmar Maquire
John Maguire
Don Smith
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Nicky Kirkpatrick
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